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5 Great Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund!

If you are expecting a tax refund this year-now is a great time to put that money to work!  Here are five ways to spend your refund to reach YOUR financial goals by investing wisely.

#1 : Pay Down Credit Card Debt

If you are like many Americans, reducing or eliminating credit card debt is a top priority this year.  However, every retailer and car dealer out there is already starting to run sales in anticipation of this time of year when you get a little cash in your pocket. Avoid the tricks and stay on track! Paying down your highest rate of debt, which is most definitely your credit cards, frees up available disposable income and feels fantastic!

In the realm of real estate: Cutting out credit card debt creates an awesome snowball effect. Less credit card debt means more cash each month and better credit which often means lower interest on car loans or cash to pay up… Read More

Top 10 reasons to have No Place Like Home represent you


Many sellers are unaware that there can be a huge difference between appraised value and what you can expect to realize in price from a sale. We are happy to give you a current expected sales price at no obligation to list your property.


Real estate is a tough business, and having a professional whose sole job is to protect your interest is an invaluable asset during a transaction.


Just like any other business real estate has many ins and outs. Unlike learning plumbing or building a deck the smallest mistake in a real estate transaction can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Ouch!! Setting your home up to sell is like forming a painting-each layer makes it more attartive to buyers: solid pricing, home condition, advertising and marketing all must work together to get buyers in your door!


Real estate is not a… Read More