Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

Today, I’m thinking of you and your family. I want to wish you nothing but the best this holiday season! I know we share the same joys of family and home. It truly matters to me to see how you and your home change over the years. One of my specialties is giving tips for improving functionality, not just the value of your home so call me to catch up!

No Place Like Home grows stronger every year. We are so proud to be both a local family real estate firm and a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider! A home is the backbone for family memories, financial security and peace. Allow me tell you about how the market is doing and where it is going. 

2020 is looking clear all around! As anticipated, our market grew and continues to be going UP both in individual home prices and overall sales. This means it is a great year for selling or enjoying your long-term home with equity growth!

Buying this year will require extra care. Rising prices and heavy competition on the best homes means you need a Seasoned Realtor on your side! Next year should be more rapid growth so I strongly recommend braving the market this year to avoid paying more later!

For investment properties this year, Flips are recommended since rising single family prices allow for morepotential profit! In addition, the time to sell multi-family units is now with the market demand higher than supply. Buying investment properties this year is highly recommended since vacancy rates are still low and the rental demand grows with the increase of jobs in the area. 

You know I love trends! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions about YOUR home specifically or your neighborhood market. I strongly encourage you to take a moment on my website:  to go over the market summary for the year. While there, try my new cutting edge home value tracker! 

In brief, 2019 had a steady growth of about 8% across the board. The average sold price of a home in our area was higher and comes in at $241,650, with a median $225,000. Though the days on the market and the absorption rates were very similar to 2018, higher sales prices and fewer unsold homes show a stronger market overall. It was a great year and looking to be even better in 2020!

Without you, I simply could not take care of my family or my business.  So, thank you again for entrusting me with your real estate needs and more than that–your future and your family. Please take a moment this holiday season to extend your appreciation and confidence in me by sharing a five-star review on google, Facebook or Zillow.  And of course, the best gift you can give me is a referral to your friends and family!

Thank you

Rita Parker and All of Us at No Place Like Home Real Estate!