Holiday Home Selling!

I am the first to say that the market is harsh round the holidays. However, it can make an average house shine and land a great price. Each and every single showing you get will be a qualified buyer, ready to buy and a motivated realtor, too. With fewer homes on the market to compete with and that naturally occurring longing for home for the holidays, it really is a great time to make a splash on the market.

I will never forget walking into my first Christmas wow house. Now, if you know me well, you know I am Christmas crazy and just love everything about Christmas so it takes some serious holiday decorating skills to impress me. The home was in the country and the fireplaces were lit up, the Christmas tree could be seen as we pulled into the drive. Ornaments were hung from the ceiling and each room was clean and showed the Christmas love. My buyers couldn’t wait to write an offer.

So, how do you get there? WORK. You must team up with an experienced and trustworthy realtor, like me, please! You must set the stage like any other time of year with a clean and clear home then add the sights and smells of the holidays. I personally like a crockpot of cinnamon sticks or an oven baking water and vanilla extract. We stage everyday at no cost and Christmas is one month I love, love, love bringing over some extra decorations. Everything from wreaths to mats to pillows and specialty bedding: we stock it. In Casper, historically either December or January is one of my highest income producing months which means: I know how to work the holidays! My nature is bringing families homes and this fits that feel of Christmas.

My best tips for selling during Christmastime are:

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean. It really can’t be too clean and my stats say you’ll pull a higher price just for the “Ah!” factor a clean home brings. Don’t forget the baseboards and under the sink!
    • PRO TIP: do this BEFORE you bring out the decorations and don’t be afraid to hire it out.
  2. Clear it out! I recommend decluttering or simply packing about half of everything you have out and store in a safe spot or commercial storage.
  3. Organize your Shopping for Christmas
    • I am Dave Ramsey strong and run a Christmas budget spreadsheet I am always happy to share. Stored presents can be tricky so be sure to have cleared out a space just for them. Wrapped presents just add to the vibe!
  4. Decorate Carefully
    • You are moving so keep exterior decorations to a tasteful, manageable minimum
    • Your tree and table are focal points so keep them neat and stunning.
  5. Call a Professional!
    • Families have enough to do round the holidays so let us help! We’ll stage and scent your home FOR YOU at no additional cost! We use professional photography, too. Call me today at 307-247-0963 to schedule your holiday home today!