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No Place Like Home Real Estate works with the best lenders in town! We are local experts ready to guide you through the home-buying process. These lenders have the best rates and great service.  Let us refer you to a great lender to get your home buying process started.

Prequalifying for a home loan is a good first step in the home-buying process. No Place Like Home Real Estate can help you get started. Please download and complete the form below to prequalify.

Residential Loan Application

Advantages of prequalifying:

  • Getting prequalified carries a number of advantages:
  • Knowing how much home you can afford can help you focus your house hunting.
  • Being prequalified can demonstrate to a seller that you’re serious and ready to buy.
  • Completing the final mortgage application will go faster since you’ve already provided much of your information.

How to prequalify for a mortgage:

You can save yourself time in the prequalification process by preparing some information before you get started:

  • Type of home and approximate price
  • Type of loan you want
  • How much down payment you plan to make
  • Personal information (name, phone number, address, date of birth)
  • Social Security number

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