Property Management

No Place Like Home is an experienced property management company.

When buying rental property or renting out your home, one of the biggest decisions you make whether or not to handle the process yourself. Our clients get valuable resources and consultations for free. Schedule a time to go over the pros and cons of handling it yourself. From basic training to full property management services, our personal attention and experience are sure to please.

What we do for property management:

We work directly with tenants and potential tenants to handle every aspect of property management. We save your time and worry over marketing rentals, collecting rent, repair and maintenance issues and tenant issues too! In a timely fashion, we get the job  done and consistently have a low eviction rate. In addition, you have peace of mind knowing an educated and experienced manager is watching over your investment. Lastly, you hire us as an independent contractor so  you have no employer regulations and hassles.

When is it normally a good idea to hire a Property Management Company like No Place Like Home?

  1. When you have tons of rental units to handle. Get freedom with confidence! Whether it is just too much for one person due to volume, or you’re just ready for someone else to handle the daily activities, hiring a property manager is a good option.
  2. You don’t live near your rental property. Did you have to move out of the area but can’t yet sell? Handling the job from a distance is not recommended. Issues are harder to identify and handle in a timely fashion from afar.
  3. You’re just not interested in hands-on management. Temperament and time constraints of handling rentals are not for everyone. Having a property manager that finds maintaining properties rewarding helps the investment get out of your day-to-day duties and allows you to do what you want to do.
  4. You can afford the cost. If the fees collected are reasonable for your financial goals, passing the hassle and gaining the tax savings can often be worth it.
  5. Your property is part of an affordable housing program. Government requirements can get complicated and a property management with expertise and experience in the Casper area is a useful asset.