Tips to Sell in Autumn!

Showcase Your Home for an Autumn Sale

You may think that Autumn isn’t the best time to showcase your home, but you’d be wrong. Buyers are still out and ready to buy. Autumn has a unique appeal that’s all its own, and you can make your home decorated to say Welcome Home!

Fall home buyers are motivated; they want to move in before winter here in Wyoming. Put a nice new welcome mat out for buyers and their agents to wipe their feet. Fall decor is classy and inexpensive. Put out pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, and mums now, and they will last through Thanksgiving.

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Here are some tips to selling your home during the changing season.

21. Let the light in! We already know there’s less sunlight in the fall and winter, so leave lights on for showings. Open the drapes and keep windows as clean as possible for showings.

2. Stage Your Home for the Season! We do this service for free, year round! Start with a feast for the eyes, then do a seasonal homey scent like apple cider.

3. Air out your home As the weather cools, you may tend to shut windows and doors, but closed homes tend to hold odors, make sure you open the windows for an occasional airing. Moisture also holds odor, so use the exhaust fans in the bathrooms after every bath and shower. While buyers are inside, keep temperatures moderate and even.

4. Cut out clutter! The home you live in is not the one that is ready to sell. Make it show ready by packing up and clearing out much of your seldom used items. When your household spends more time indoors, it’s natural for clutter to accumulate, but too much can have a smothering effect on buyers. Keep a basket in every room so that if you get a sudden showing, you and the rest of the family can do a five-minute cleanup before leaving the premises so your buyer can have some privacy. Store the baskets under the bed or some other place out of sight.

5. Use the neighborhood to help you sell! If your neighborhood offers a bike path, playground or park: list them for the buyer in a feature sheet, Be sure to point out places unique to your area like the corner coffee shop or school.

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