Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

It brings me such joy to have you in my life! Real estate and family are my passions and I am so blessed to share both with you. The coming year is a big one for real estate and I urge you to connect with me. I’d love to know what’s on your horizon and talk about your home, your family and your real estate goals.

My real estate goals are to each year grow a niche. It has been over 10 great years with No Place Like Home so my next step is to expand. The fundamental way people do real estate is changing and I’m going to get in front of it. This means, you’ll still have me: Your Realtor, Your Friend, but have some options for you and your referral needs! Pricing plans in particular will change with flat rate options.

This year the total volume of homes in Natrona County down about 16M from 2016 to was 2.46B in 2017. We also had a decrease in average sales price to$221,560, an increase of expired homes and days on the market, too. This made for the ideal climate for rolling up. The bigger the better home roll up were a solid investment bet. We should be plateauing and hopefully gaining this next year. Signs as early as this past November do show this positive trend beginning for next year. That makes NOW the b e s t time to get into your largest, most long-term home to experience the best of the market upswing, within your budget of course! The hit on your lower priced home will likely be less than a higher priced new home so you may make less on your sale and still get ahead! (Think of it as a 3% hit on $150k vs. $250k.) Smart move, too, since interest rates are still low!

Next, you are used to me being there in good times and bad already so it should come as no surprise that I want to help more. I hate seeing homes up for sale through foreclosure or auction that haven’t even tried to sell on the market with a Realtor. I see families in financial crisis taken by marketing gimmicks and several predatory actions right here in our community. Many people just don’t have equity to sell or their home value is so high it starts feeling a little outrageous what they will end up paying in commission to sell. This means I will remind you that I am here for you and commission is negotiable! I offer flat rate pricing, even improvement monies that reimburse at closing. This means we ruly work together to make the most on your home and we can meet any budget. Services add up to the same great full listing cost. Tell a friend: there is always an option here at No Place Like Home to get actual help. That stands double for my loyal friends and clients: just ask.

I simply could not take care of my family or my business without you. So, thank you again for entrusting me with your real estate needs and more than that–your future and your family. Consider helping me and my family a little further, if you could. The best gift you can give me is a five star review on google, facebook or Zillow.

Thank you,
Rita Parker